24Nov 2015

CEOC and ETICS Sign Cooperation Agreement

International non-profit Organisations have signed a cooperation agreement aiming at using synergies for the sake of efficiency for both common Members and relevant Stakeholders.


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22Nov 2015

The Low Voltage Directive

The upcoming Directive LVD 2014/35/EU will be replacing LVD 2006/95/EU as of 20 April, 2016 .

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08Oct 2015

Lars NOREN has passed away

Lars was an “Emeritus” distinguished expert in the area of lighting products....

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06Oct 2015

First meeting of the Board of Directors of ETICS

The first meeting of the Board of Directors of ETICS took place on the 18th of September in Milano at the IMQ premises.
The discussions focused...

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05Oct 2015

Press release election of the President and Viice-President of ETICS


Dr.-Ing. Michael KAPPELAN and Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang MARTIN have respectively been appointed President and Vice-President for three years by the General Assembly of ETICS on...

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03Aug 2015

OHIM report on counterfeiting practises in the EU

The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) has published the attached report about counterfeiting practises in the EU.

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26Jan 2015

ENEC scheme extension with intrusion alarm systems and components

The ENEC group is pleased to announce that the scope of the scheme has been extended with intrusion alarm systems and components.

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26Jan 2015

Update of the ENEC+ scheme with the published IEC standards

Following the publication of IEC standards 62717, 62722-1 and 62722-2-1, the ENEC+ documents have been updated. 

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  • SEPTEMBER 2016


    Date to be defined, AENOR, Spain

    ETICS Executive Board

    21 September, Brussels

  • JULY - AUGUST 2016


  • JUNE 2016

    ETICS Executive Board

    16 June, Brussels


    29-30 June, 1st July , SEMKO, Sweden

  • MAY 2016

    OSM IN

    24-25 May, UL Italia, Italy

  • APRIL 2016

    OSM EE

    20-21 April , TRLP, Germany

    OSM HA

    19-21 April, SIQ, Slovenia

    HAR Manufacturers

    12 April, Prague

    HAR Management Committee

    12 April, Prague

    ENEC CB Committee

    13 April, Prague

    EEPCA Extraordinary Assembly

    14 April, Prague

    ETICS General Assembly

    14 April, Prague

  • MARCH 2016


  • FEBRUARY 2016

    ETICS Executive Board

    25 February, Brussels

  • JANUARY 2016








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