31Mar 2014

ENEC+ LAUNCH Press release

ENEC+ launches the First European Mark that certifies the initial performance  of LEDs and other luminaires

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10Feb 2014

Revision of the Low Voltage Directive

In order to align Directive 2006/95/EC on the harmonisation of the laws of Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits with the new legislative framework, in particular to Decision No 768/2008/EC establishing a common framework for the marketing of products (Goods Package), the Low Voltage Directive is under revision.

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10Jan 2014

Availability of European Test Report Forms (TRFs)

A number of TRFs have been prepared by the EEPCA members and are available for use. The list of available TRFs is given below.

If you wish to acquire one or more of them, please contact the EEPCA secretariat at secretariat@eepca.eu

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15Oct 2013

The ExeCom expresses its warm thanks to the OSM LUM for its work on the ENEC product surveillance document.

During its last meeting, the ExeCom reviewed the updates to OD ENEC 324, product surveillance document, proposed by the OSM LUM and is very happy with the new suggestions.

The ExeCom wishes to express its warmest thanks to the OSM-LUM for the excellent work.


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13May 2013

CEOC International and EEPCA sign MoU

On 13th May 2013 CEOC International and EEPCA, the European Electrical Products Certification Association, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to enhance the cooperation between the two associations. The document was signed by CEOC President Simo Hassi and EEPCA President Valberto Baggio during the CEOC International General Assembly and Annual Conference in London, UK.

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16May 2013

2012 RAPEX annual report published

In 2012, the total number of measures taken against dangerous products and reported through RAPEX by Member States was 2 278. It shows an increase by 26% as compared to 2011.
Clothing, textiles and fashion items (34%), followed by toys (19%), were again the most common product categories concerned.
The electric appliances and equipment came in 3rd position and accounted for 11% of the notifications.

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  • ECS WGs

    ECS WG "Technical Matters":


    ECS WG "Marketing":


  • ECS General Meeting

    8-10 April 2014, Florence, Italy


  • ECS Executive Committee

    Schedule TBA


  • OSMs

    OSM EE:

    8-9 April 2014, Intertek SEMKO, Sweden

    OSM FIP:

    Q4 2014, SGS CEBEC, Belgium

    OSM HA:

    8-10 April 2014, TGM-VAEE, Vienna, Austria

    OSM HAR:

    30 september-1 October 2014, Vienna, Austria

    OSM IN:

    3-4 June 2014, AENOR, Madrid, Spain

    OSM LUM:

    10-13 June 2014, TSE, Istanbul, Turkey

  • HAR

    HAR Group + HAR AC

    10 April 2014, Florence, Italy


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