22Oct 2012

EZU awards ceremony for 20th anniversary of ENEC Mark

 EZU awards ceremony for 20th anniversary of ENEC Mark happened on September 2012 in Piestany. The awarded companies are OMS, spol. s r.o., TM Technologie Sp. z o. o, Elektrokov, a.s., MODUS, spol. s r.o., and Trevos, a.s.

by Dr. Vladimír FILIAC, Deputy for certification, EZÚ

Following ECS decision taken in the ECES meeting in Copenhagen in April this year, Electrotechnical Testing Institute – EZU issuing ENEC21 mark suggested to the EEPCA Secretariat to grant the Anniversary ENEC Marks to the following manufactures:

 -           OMS, spol. s r.o., Dojc 419, 906 02, Slovakia

-           TM Technologie Sp. z o. o, Morawica, Poland

-           Elektrokov, a.s. Znojmo, Czech Republic

-           MODUS, spol. s r.o., Praha, Czech Republic

-           Trevos, a.s., Turnov, Czech Republic


The companies are ENEC mark users that contribute to the success of the ENEC on the market and to the electrical safety development in the lighting sector.

Two anniversary ENEC Marks were granted in the framework of the IV. Lighting conference of Visegrad countries LUMEN V4, focusing on companies in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, organized in September 2012 in famous Slovak spa city PIESTANY.

The anniversary marks were granted by Mr. Jarmil MIKULIK, the Deputy for Sales of the EZU, who presented a short presentation on the ENEC mark history, rules and added value at the same time.

The remaining anniversary marks will be granted to manufacturers in the framework of EZU customers´ day scheduled for November 2012. 


The following picture shows granting the Anniversary ENEC Mark to Mr. Michal JANCUŠKA from the company OMS, spol. s r.o.


Mr. Jarmil MIKULIK presents the ENEC 20th anniversary award to Mr. Dominik DUDA TM Technologie Sp. z o. o.



The information is also available at the address:


 For more information please contact: Dr. Vladimír FILIAC, Deputy for certification, EZÚ



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