ECS Executive Committee

The ECS Executive Committee (ExeCom) is in charge of the ECS management in between the yearly General Meetings of the ECS. It generally meets four times a year.
Since the elections of April 2012, it is composed as follows:


Name Function How to contact
Valberto Baggio Chairman
Wolfgang Martin Vice-Chairman Schemes
(OVE, Austria)
phone +43 13705806
Ted Gaertner Vice-Chairman Technical
(DEKRA, The Netherlands)
phone +31 889683771
vacant Vice-Chairman Manufacturers


Klaus Kress HAR Representative
(VDE, Germany)
phone +49 698306906
Calogero Lana

(SGS CEBEC, Belgium)

phone +32 25560055
Fredrik Wennersten

(Intertek SEMKO, Sweden)

phone +46 87500168
Giancarlo Zappa Member
(IMQ, Italy)
phone +39 025073293