Terms of Reference

1.      The Marketing and Communication Committee reports to the ETICS Board of Directors and MCCB to whom it should provide summary executive reports and proposals.
2.      The M&CC shall exercise its powers and carry out its duties with a sense of objective judgment and impartiality in the best interests of the ETICS, ENEC and CCA Signatories.
3.      The M&CC supervises and handles matters such as but not limited to:
         a.       Providing to the BoD and MCCB advice and proposals on the communication strategy to be adopted for the promotion of ETICS and the administrated certification schemes, as well as the most appropriate tools to be used and the information and communications to be published on ETICS/ENEC websites, leaflets, presentations material, by presence on social networks, etc.
         b.        Making the promotion and marketing of the ETICS services efficient and powerful by coordinated and collective efforts and measured results, to position ETICS as a benchmark in the conformity assessment community.   
             This by means of:
     Creating stronger cross marketing opportunities with national members and stakeholders.
     Planning and facilitating the launch of new services as well as means to grow the global awareness of ETICS Certification Systems in general.
     Developing communication and education programs for members on issues critical to the ETICS future success. This may include: Tradeshow promotions, Booth Opportunities, Events & Speaking Opportunities, and Public Relations.
         c.      To coordinate and facilitate promotion of the ETICS conformity systems with stakeholders, including:
     Planning, facilitating and educating stakeholders about new and existing services.
          d.        Providing to the BoD and MCCB information and advice on matters such as the following:
     Trade and regulatory trends (EU regulations, national regulation on safety, health, efficiency, performance, etc.)
     Relationships with stakeholder organizations
     New alliances.
         e.        Identifying market needs and proposing ETICS market solutions (new programs or services) to meet those needs and to maintain high quality third party conformity assessment principles.
         f.         Developing proposals for new programs and services and carrying out market impact analysis for new and existing programs and services on an ongoing basis.

4.         The M&CC can establish and coordinate Task Forces and WGs. 

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