Terms of Reference


 1. The WG Cybersecurity reports to the ETICS Board of Directors and MCCB to whom it should provide summary executive reports and proposals.

2. The WG shall exercise its powers and carry out its duties with a sense of objective judgment and impartiality in the best interests of the ETICS Members.

3. The WG handles matters such as but not limited to:

a. Identify and follow up the opportunities for Conformity Assessment Bodies arising from the establishment of the European cybersecurity certification schemes foreseen by the “Cybersecurity Act” of the European Parliament and the Council

b. provide guidance and support to establish and maintain relationships and liaisons with European institutions, Regulatory bodies, International organizations, as appropriate, including:

 ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security), with the purpose of including ETICS in ENISA’s stakeholders group and being considered for ad hoc stakeholders Working Group regarding cybersecurity schemes development

CEN/CENELEC with which a Cooperation Agreement is already in place, with the purpose of engaging a dialogue regarding existing horizontal technical committees (JTC 13 “cybersecurity and data protection”; TC 65X “industrial-process measurement, control and automation”) and sector-specific cybersecurity standardisation activities where relevant to ETICS Members

ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation), with the purpose of appointing an ETICS representative in WG1 (Standardisation, certification, labelling and supply chain management) and SWG1.2 (Third party assessment)

CECAPI with the purpose of appointing a representative in the ad hoc Cybersecurity WG

c. explore opportunities and propose solutions for the development of new assessment programs and services for enhancing the cybersecurity features of ICT products and services in the area of:

 - Industrial Automation
- Industry 4.0 / smart manufacturing
- Internet of Things
- Software quality in embedded systems and control systems

This with the full support of all ETICS members and to prevent the development of national or private schemes or marks. It is a challenge, but also the opportunity to have a stronger position and unified approach across Europe, rather than fragmented initiatives.

4. Furthermore, in cooperation with ETICS Marketing & Communication Committee:

a. carry out market impact analysis for new identified assessment programs and services

b. design a framework and a road map for the conformity assessment solutions identified by taking advantage of all the programs and services already available and those under development.

5. All ETICS members can appoint a representative in the WG at any time.
Furthermore, experts and observers from ETICS stakeholders may participate occasionally or permanently in the meetings subject to the agreement between the Chairman of the WG and the ETICS Secretary General.

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